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Hey God's Girl, I'm Jaiya!

I know your struggle because I was you!

I grew up being fed the Bible. I got lost in the routine systems of "being a Christian." Even though it felt like I was doing all of the outward things without opening the Bible for myself to receive proper instruction from God. I completely missed the transformation and renewal of my mind, soul, and spirit. I created a ritual habit of going to Sunday worship, weekly Bible study, small groups, youth ministry activities, serving, and volunteering in the city, but praying for others and spending time with God by myself was challenging. 


I know exactly how it feels to desire a spiritual relationship with God but struggle with unlocking the freedom to do so because your mind is locked in a religious mindset. I know what it's like to shuffle through online groups, conferences, and sermons to find a Bible teacher that matches your learning style.


That's exactly why I do what I do today. Now, I help women like you access the keys that unlock spiritual freedom, build a non-negotiable relationship with God, understand that whom God has called you to be is much greater than purpose, so they can shut down that defeated mindset forever. All we do is win! 




The Keys to Unlocking Your Joy by Jaiya Clarke presents the Bible’s teachings in a way that helps readers experience abundance in every area of their lives. These “keys” contain God’s wisdom for believers who desire to move beyond a surface-level connection with God, break-up with religion, and experience true transformation once and for all. 

This book helps readers follow God's mandate to become the church. As a dedicated follower of Christ who is passionate about discipleship, Author Jaiya Clarke has created a book that can be used for personal or group study, including in discipleship programs, Bible studies, and small groups.

As a timeless, spiritual handbook for every generation, The Keys to Unlocking Your Joy will help its readers understand the Bible, wield scripture during spiritual and natural battles, and unlock the door to everlasting joy. 


About  The


Passionate, Playful, Sensational, and Fearless. These are just a few words that describe Jaiya Clarke. A native of the sunny city of Orlando FL. She uses her experience as an entrepreneur, MBA degree in organizational psychology and development, and many life-transforming experiences while traveling the world. Jaiya has discovered that her life's calling is to inspire, encourage, and equip women to discover their unique identity so they can experience God's truth no matter where they are in the world. She regularly teaches Bible studies and is passionate about discipleship. Jaiya is a military spouse and mother who now resides in San Diego, California. Click here to contact Jaiya.

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